Sicily: Day 2

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, with Palermo as its capital. It joined Italy in 1860, after being ruled or inhabited by many different rulers. Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Byzantines, and the British, have all laid claim to the island. Sadly during World War II it was bombed extensively loosing much of its charming architecture. Portions of the Old Wall Fortress remain with chaotic Italian drivers speaking varied dialects as they drive, an influence from their many past rulers.

The Palermo Square

On the drive to Monreale Cathedral we past school children, government buildings with protesters, and the usual city life.

The Monreale Cathedral

This 12th century Cathedral is a masterpiece of mosaics which tell the story of creation and beyond. To build the Cathedral the King depleted the treasury.

Monreale Cathedral
The Mosaics
Back of the church

Walk to the bottom of the hill and catch a breathtaking view of Palermo

This area is a retail paradise. Cookies from this bakery were sublime. Good I don’t live nearby, but the cookies traveled well to the States.

The Medusa is the symbol of Sicily. When Roman’s ruled Sicily it was the breadbasket for the Romans providing wheat to all of Europe. There are pairs of wings and 3 wheat ears on the Medusa. The Medusa is thought to keep away the evil eye.

What a glorious visit.

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