Sicily City Tour

During the City Tour learned of Sicily’s problems – 40% unemployment, water shortage, and garbage overtaking the City. That said, when Sicily was ruled by a King there was a royal palace which now has become Parliament buildings.

The patron saint of Sicily is St. Rosalie. This is her cathedral which has a torrid past. Construction began is 600 AD by the Byzantines, then in 900 AD it became a Mosque, and in 1200 AD it became a Norman Church. Poor Rosalie – she was a Norman princess who in 1170 became a Christian and lived isolated in a cave. The Plague disappeared with her intercession, thus bestowing the honor of Patron Saint of Sicily.

St. Rosalie

Other attractions near the church – The 4 Corners Monument – this is the center point of Old Town Center with its theme the four seasons.

The Fountain of Palermo – this Fountain lies in front of a former convent. Our tour guide stated this was nicknamed the Fountain of Shame due to all the nude statutes…

Let’s close with a more upbeat pic..

Aren’t they adorable?

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