Getting to this medieval town was quite a feat, but once there all was forgotten. It stands on top of a mountain and what a treasure. Let’s take a pictorial walk through this amazing creation.

Always start with the sign.. Erice has a castle in ruins which was an interesting site. Drones were flying above the artifacts taking site photos. Paid admission to see the ruins, however do not recommend as little to see. Stay focused on walking through the medieval town experience their cobblestone streets and stop in the shops – amazing chocolate delicacies abound.

The Castle from a distance

And if interested there is a home for sale. People live along these medieval paths filled with tourists eyeing their neighborhoods. Had a pleasant chat with an older Sicilian woman who spoke good English and gave directions. What fun – never know what you will find as you travel..

And came across this medieval church with beautiful altars and a tower to climb next to it.

Main Altar
Area where priests prepared for mass

The Tower

In closing.. one last view.

Sadly, our tour only gave us time for a short visit to this spot. Also, we had no guide so am limited in offering more information on the area. However, if in Sicily check out Erice especially for those interested in this era.

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