San Francisco: Fortune Cookie Factory and Smash and Go

What a fun visit. It is a must see and buy. Prices are reasonable and cookies tasty. Bought the chocolate covered fortune cookies. YUM! They also have specialty fortune cookies for events.

Smash and Go

At the base of Grant Avenue are designer shops. Last year during my visit I thought these shops were too exposed, and this year my concerns became a reality. The night before my visit Fendi’s windows were “smashed,” and designer purses were stolen. Throughout Chinatown police presence was strong, and in the designer shop areas carpenters were busily installing wood to cover store windows. Some pictures..

Fendi’s – where the heist occurred

Sad the Chinese soldiers couldn’t protect the area.

Next, dinner, – delicious, and only $9, with enough for 3 days. Only catch, a Chinese customer ordered for me, and I have no idea what I ate. But, as stated earlier, DELICIOUS!

San Francisco – Hearst and China Town

Once off the 292 bus discovered the Hearst Building. If you ever have the chance visit San Simeon, the Hearst Castle. It is my all time favorite visit..

A little history of this iconic man.

Across the street from the Hearst Building a historic fountain. Here horses watered.

And not much further, the Chinese Gates welcomed. Stayed at the Grant Plaza on Grant Avenue in the center of Chinatown. Reasonably priced with comfortable rooms, no remuneration received, however, this will be my go to for future visits and considering the Ritz Carlton is up the street – location, location….

Chinatown Shops..

Even the banks have an Asian motif in Chinatown.

Always interested in churches, Old St. Mary’s Cathedral, located in Chinatown on California Street, built in 1854, and a designated San Francisco landmark. In the church bulletin a mass was said for President Joe Biden on his birthday. My kind of church as he needs all the prayers he can get to fix our country.

A final shot of a Chinatown visitor, as they said in the commercials – “Priceless”

Next: Fortune Cookie Factory and Smash and Go

San Francisco 2021 – San Francisco Airport

Get a window seat on the plane as the views are amazing….


Since I had to stay in Wyoming for 4 months with a rental lease decided to complete my Western Bucket List. A return visit to San Francisco was calling and what a wonderful time it was, starting with the Airport.

Nice welcome and just enough – don’t need those video and audio messages. Too much information..

The Art

The Exhibit – makes sense for the area and very interesting. If you have time stop..

The Vintage

Games – pre computer..

The Equation..

Loved this airport with it’s great feel, however, I love everything about San Francisco, except the expense, and if only it had water.. Speaking of water they have a great system for water bottles,

and then there is the wine..

Had challenges finding SF Transit and no staff were present to guide and assist with ticket purchase. Spent an hour and a half attempting to locate the 292 bus. Internet info stated a Clipper Card was needed, however, this was incorrect as buses take cash, and this further prolonged my angst. With gas over $5 a gallon, and rental cars $70 a day, the SF Transit is a buy, and is a far reaching line. To locate the bus stop go to Terminal 3, and at the far end of the platform is the stop. Need dog assist? Follow the tracks for their needs prior to boarding.

The journey begins…….

La Guardia to Dallas Fort Worth

All good things must come to an end as with my November 2021 New York City adventure. Said goodbye at La Guardia Terminal B to the dancing waters,

Junior’s Cheesecakes,

La Guardia sunrises,

LaGuardia construction,

and LaGuardia innovation..

So with a heavy heart left at 8:20 am bound for Dallas Fort Worth…

with it’s dirty windows, wide hallways, cramped TSA. Biden Bucks needed here for renovation and badly.

Some of the usual suspects in restaurants,

But on the brighter side, nice chapel only wish it was inside the airport rather than having to go through TSA again………….

But what I found the most interesting was the Flight Attendant Store. Did you ever wonder where these folks get their luggage, shoes, and other flight attendant related stuff?? It’s in Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Let’s go shopping…

And let’s close our shopping experience with one final item, the Flight Attendant roles..

What a hoot!

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

For several years have been trying to get tickets to the Stephen Colbert Show without success. Well, on November 15th I finally made it. As with Radio City no photography is allowed but the images remain permanently ensconced in my brain. I am a big fan, he is my nightly watch as I soak in the tub.

To obtain entry one must arrive by 4 pm. Pleasant young people in red coats inspect your id and vaccine card then attach a wristband to your left wrist. At 5:15pm the doors open and entrance to the theater begins.

Purses and small bags are checked, however, no suitcases or back packs are allowed in the theater. Once in the theater and seated allowances are made to go to the loo. A comedian appears to “warm up” the audience then Jon Batiste begins, what an amazing musician he is and the band sublime. As a Julliard student he and his fellow students came to my psych hospital and played for the patients.

Paul Rudd and Sting

On this night, Paul Rudd, the Sexiest Man Alive, was a guest. Stephen speaks with his guests well beyond what is seen on the show. Next up was Sting, who answered the Stephen Colbert Questionnaire, which will be used on a future show. After the Questionnaire Sting sang a tune from his new album. What work goes into prepping for these musical sets.

Surprise Guest

When the two guests were completed Stephen announced he had a surprise guest who could only be here on this night. It was Lady Gaga – Stephanie as I refer to her. She was promoting her new movie, House of Gucci. What a warm and down to Earth individual. Of course I knew that as on a trip to the Holy Lands I met her high school ethics teacher. He knew her and her family well and recounted what an amazing young woman she was and continues to be.

Parting Shot – they go to Brooklyn, me to Wyoming

Upon departure from the theater went to my favorite pizza shop in town, and bought a pie to bring West.

Large cheese pie and soda, $11, but don’t forget to tip..

What a wonderful visit…

Thanksgiving at Jody’s

Jody’s Restaurant at 260 Beaver River Drive, in Evanston, Wyoming, is a friendly place, and am told it is the town’s best kept secret. So when I decided to go there for Thanksgiving I inquired as to their menu and hours. I was told Thanksgiving dinner was free and they were open from 11-1:30.

Bewildered, but grateful to find an open restaurant, decided to make this my Thanksgiving go to. Since I usually do the holidays alone I followed my instincts and they were correct. At the door I was greeted by Jody herself and she explained the appetizer and dessert table.

She then told me to take a table and dinner would be served.

Table Decorations
Looks like Jody has her grandchildren involved in the festivities also.
The Feast

The food was delicious, and people friendly. I enjoyed the banter of locals who make this feast an annual event. Evanston remains a favorite spot with many fond memories, and Thanksgiving being one of them. Thank you, Jody..

La Boheme and the Staten Island Ferry

What a beautiful place Lincoln Center is. If ever visiting New York City take time to see the grounds and catch a New York City Ballet or Metropolitan Opera performance. La Boheme was absolutely spectacular and while the words were in Italian a translation bar appears on the seat before you. Pricing is reasonable, $30 for this view, and what a view.

After the show did one of my favorite things – a night ride on the Staten Island Ferry past the Statute of Liberty. Dress warm, and enjoy..

It’s the best attraction in town, and it’s free.

Photo posted on the ferry

Our Lady at Night..

Views of Manhattan

Rockefeller Center

Been stopping at Rockefeller Center every day after the Broadway shows to watch the work involved with raising the Christmas tree. Take a peek..

Humble Beginnings – The Stand – which is all iron

The Scaffolding

This year the tree hails from Maryland.

And a few more Center pictures..

And the day before the 100th anniversary of Chanel no. 5 was celebrated here. Gosh, these workers move!

Never a dull moment in NYC…

Carmine’s and Hadestown

Have always wanted to go to this famous Italian restaurant on 200 West 44th Street and finally did. Everything is served family style and delicious. Waiters are pleasant and portions enormous so bring an appetite and they’ll provide to go bags for what you can’t accomplish. Prices are high, but it’s New York City and memories will last forever.


Thought Hadestown was a story about a town in the South, and boy was I wrong.. Hadestown is a musical based on a Greek myth. Orpheus goes to the underworld to rescue his lover, Eurydice, and it doesn’t work out. The music and dancing is exciting but story line was not enough to capture my fancy.

After another NYC Broadway disappointment on to Rockefeller Center…

I’ll always have Carmine’s…

Diana, The Musical

Broadway’s Flop of the Season – What a travesty.

The cast of characters – let’s hope this play doesn’t ruin their careers.

The Daily News called this musical, “tabloid trash,” and that was kind. This was a Christmas gift to my daughter and her beau. Having spent well over $300 in tickets I was embarrassed and displeased with this rollicking romp of poop. However, my daughter turned this calamity into fodder reciting the several of the songs misaligned rhymes making this debacle a hit which will forever added to my list of Top 10 Flops.

One thing they did get right was the clothes.