Giardini Naxos and Siracusa

Visited the Siracusa Architectural Park, and what a find. Siracusa was the largest city in the world in 689 B.C. With its fertile soil and harbor it was known as a paradise. Half a million people lived here during this time with 150,000 citizens having voting rights. Its Greek and Roman Theaters were places where men, (as women were not allowed), came to learn from the comedies, tragedies, and political fares which were performed.

Quarries were present with caves, however few caves remain due to earthquakes. And at the time of visit Harrison Ford was filming an Indiana Jones movie which precluded our visit to these areas due to filming. All that said let’s talk a walk through the Park.

Movie set

Cave – at times used for storage or prisoners

The Amphitheater
Through these gates animals would come during tournaments
Passages for the crowds
Stairs remain after centuries.. what an architectural feat.

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