What a breathtaking spot! This is a place where movie stars and celebrities hang. In fact the week before Sting celebrated his 70th birthday performing a concert at the massive Greek Theater in the City. Churches, restaurants, and designer shops adorn the streets. But, oh, that view..

Taormina sits on the top of a mountain. The road is perilous and to travel in to the City one must take a bus and be dropped off at the main gate of the City. There are two city gates and I walked the pedestrian road between the gates then back tracked . It gave me a true feel for the area so I could allocate my time.

The Gates



Retail – all the designers have shops in the City, however there are souvenir shops as well.

Different items at these shops – found funny socks for my future son in law..

Restaurants and cafes with tasty fares are available for those with fast food or romance in mind.

A solo romantic..

The hotel where Sting stayed at the entrance to the Greek Theater.

The Greek Theater

View from the seats..

Trek up the stairs to catch this..

As a quiet respite I sought out the City Gardens. Lovely and again – the views – magnificent.

A must see.

Caveat: Having troubles inserting pictures on the site. Bill Gates put out an upgrade and unable to find where these pictures are disappearing to.

Guess the upgrade was his birthday present to us all..

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