Villa Roman Del Casale

This large Roman Villa was built in the 4th century A.D. as the hunting lodge of a Roman patrician. Due to a natural disaster the Villa was buried and during the 1800’s unearthed to reveal the best preserved mosaics of the late Imperial era. It is a monument to the late Roman Empire with the mosaics providing esthetic as well as historical value.

Little is known of the Villa’s history. Sicily was known as the breadbasket to the Roman Empire providing wheat and other crops to feed the mainland population. It is hypothesized that the owner of the Villa was a representative of Rome who was in charge of monitoring the Sicilian farms.

Possible schematic of the Villa in 4 A.D.
Villa Foyer
Baths or Water Depository

The Mosaics

It is believed the Romans transported animals from Africa for zoos and to use in tournaments.
Hunting Scenes

Some geometric flooring designs..

The most celebrated of the mosaics. These bathing suited women are thought to be representative of those participating in Empire or Olympic games.

Another fascinating Sicilian visit…. According to our tour guide Sicily is the #1 destination in 2022 for his travel company.

So much to see.

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