This Ionian Coast city has much charm and character. The birthplace of Mathematician and engineer Archimedes, it was once a major Mediterranean power broker.

Came across this interesting site in the bus parking lot…

Finding bathrooms in Europe is problematic. Always have a 50 euro piece with you for this event as bathrooms are not free and a big business for the locales.

After a short walk from the parking lot came upon this former post office which is now a prominent city hotel.

A marina view

And finally, the ruins, but as you can tell I am “ruined” out as this was the last day of the journey.

And next to the ruins the Church of St. Paul

Broke away from the tour and explored the city streets solo..

More charm – lovely balconies..

The locales are very generous to their kitties…

Modern Church celebrating the Blessed Mother.

More ruins next to the modern church.

And for a laugh – look what I came across…

You never know what you’ll see when traveling.

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