Seattle Airport

Never reviewed Seattle Airport. Found the place eco-friendly and into their brand, “Seattle.”

The “Brand”


Had interesting restaurants with good selections..

And liked some of the decor..

Nice place for kids to chill..

Adequate spot for dogs to relieve themselves..

But the three things I liked best.

#1. Seniors at the Information Booth – they have patience and knowledge of the area.

#2. Safe Airport Sign – also should add human trafficking and place one in each bathroom.


#3. Flush Toilets – with water at such a premium who needs these electric monsters? How many times have you flushed once with these?? Never. These automatic water wasters flush at least 2 and up to 4 times. What a water waste. And how many times have you walked through a bathroom and had all 10 stalls flush as you walked through?? These need to be outlawed. It’s the least we can do is to flush our own excrement and a step closer in saving water, our most precious resource.

Glad to see someone is thinking about the future.

Hat’s off to you, Seattle. Probably Bill Gates is on your airport board or ever better, Melinda. She’s one mover and shaker.

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