New York City Visit November 2021

Returned to my favorite City in the world for a 6 day stay. Was action packed and what fun! Read on….

View from a quiet Chinatown street…

Started my visit by exploring Chinatown, then on to the Jagged Little Pill. To attend a play, one must have their vaccine card, photo id, and mask on. This is taken seriously by those employees checking the information outside the theater. As a nurse concerned for my colleagues who will be entering a 5th wave this winter, risking their lives for the crazed, ignorant, stubborn idiots who are unvaccinated, I was grateful to see this process taken so seriously.

Jagged Little Pill

This play featured the songs of Alanis Morissette and was nominated for 15 Tony Awards – winning 2 of the coveted prize. In September cast members alleged mistreatment, an odd thing for a play which has nods to the black movement, rape concerns, and opioid crisis overtures.

The story line is based on a perfect white Connecticut family who adopted a black daughter years prior. The natural born son is headed to Harvard, the mother is enthralled in an opioid drama due to a car accident injury, the father is into porn, and the daughter is bisexual. It is a heady play with all these controversies, and despite music and humor thrown in the mix, it was too much. Be prepared for a sing a long as audience members sing the Alanis songs along with the cast. And having lived in Connecticut the characters are true to form – pretentious and damaged.

Prices for the play aren’t too severe – from 70 to 170 with Ticketmaster fees. It would not be my first choice but if you want a sing a long with friends, this play is for you……

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