Thanksgiving at Jody’s

Jody’s Restaurant at 260 Beaver River Drive, in Evanston, Wyoming, is a friendly place, and am told it is the town’s best kept secret. So when I decided to go there for Thanksgiving I inquired as to their menu and hours. I was told Thanksgiving dinner was free and they were open from 11-1:30.

Bewildered, but grateful to find an open restaurant, decided to make this my Thanksgiving go to. Since I usually do the holidays alone I followed my instincts and they were correct. At the door I was greeted by Jody herself and she explained the appetizer and dessert table.

She then told me to take a table and dinner would be served.

Table Decorations
Looks like Jody has her grandchildren involved in the festivities also.
The Feast

The food was delicious, and people friendly. I enjoyed the banter of locals who make this feast an annual event. Evanston remains a favorite spot with many fond memories, and Thanksgiving being one of them. Thank you, Jody..

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