The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

For several years have been trying to get tickets to the Stephen Colbert Show without success. Well, on November 15th I finally made it. As with Radio City no photography is allowed but the images remain permanently ensconced in my brain. I am a big fan, he is my nightly watch as I soak in the tub.

To obtain entry one must arrive by 4 pm. Pleasant young people in red coats inspect your id and vaccine card then attach a wristband to your left wrist. At 5:15pm the doors open and entrance to the theater begins.

Purses and small bags are checked, however, no suitcases or back packs are allowed in the theater. Once in the theater and seated allowances are made to go to the loo. A comedian appears to “warm up” the audience then Jon Batiste begins, what an amazing musician he is and the band sublime. As a Julliard student he and his fellow students came to my psych hospital and played for the patients.

Paul Rudd and Sting

On this night, Paul Rudd, the Sexiest Man Alive, was a guest. Stephen speaks with his guests well beyond what is seen on the show. Next up was Sting, who answered the Stephen Colbert Questionnaire, which will be used on a future show. After the Questionnaire Sting sang a tune from his new album. What work goes into prepping for these musical sets.

Surprise Guest

When the two guests were completed Stephen announced he had a surprise guest who could only be here on this night. It was Lady Gaga – Stephanie as I refer to her. She was promoting her new movie, House of Gucci. What a warm and down to Earth individual. Of course I knew that as on a trip to the Holy Lands I met her high school ethics teacher. He knew her and her family well and recounted what an amazing young woman she was and continues to be.

Parting Shot – they go to Brooklyn, me to Wyoming

Upon departure from the theater went to my favorite pizza shop in town, and bought a pie to bring West.

Large cheese pie and soda, $11, but don’t forget to tip..

What a wonderful visit…

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