La Guardia to Dallas Fort Worth

All good things must come to an end as with my November 2021 New York City adventure. Said goodbye at La Guardia Terminal B to the dancing waters,

Junior’s Cheesecakes,

La Guardia sunrises,

LaGuardia construction,

and LaGuardia innovation..

So with a heavy heart left at 8:20 am bound for Dallas Fort Worth…

with it’s dirty windows, wide hallways, cramped TSA. Biden Bucks needed here for renovation and badly.

Some of the usual suspects in restaurants,

But on the brighter side, nice chapel only wish it was inside the airport rather than having to go through TSA again………….

But what I found the most interesting was the Flight Attendant Store. Did you ever wonder where these folks get their luggage, shoes, and other flight attendant related stuff?? It’s in Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Let’s go shopping…

And let’s close our shopping experience with one final item, the Flight Attendant roles..

What a hoot!

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