San Francisco 2021 – San Francisco Airport

Get a window seat on the plane as the views are amazing….


Since I had to stay in Wyoming for 4 months with a rental lease decided to complete my Western Bucket List. A return visit to San Francisco was calling and what a wonderful time it was, starting with the Airport.

Nice welcome and just enough – don’t need those video and audio messages. Too much information..

The Art

The Exhibit – makes sense for the area and very interesting. If you have time stop..

The Vintage

Games – pre computer..

The Equation..

Loved this airport with it’s great feel, however, I love everything about San Francisco, except the expense, and if only it had water.. Speaking of water they have a great system for water bottles,

and then there is the wine..

Had challenges finding SF Transit and no staff were present to guide and assist with ticket purchase. Spent an hour and a half attempting to locate the 292 bus. Internet info stated a Clipper Card was needed, however, this was incorrect as buses take cash, and this further prolonged my angst. With gas over $5 a gallon, and rental cars $70 a day, the SF Transit is a buy, and is a far reaching line. To locate the bus stop go to Terminal 3, and at the far end of the platform is the stop. Need dog assist? Follow the tracks for their needs prior to boarding.

The journey begins…….

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