San Francisco: Fortune Cookie Factory and Smash and Go

What a fun visit. It is a must see and buy. Prices are reasonable and cookies tasty. Bought the chocolate covered fortune cookies. YUM! They also have specialty fortune cookies for events.

Smash and Go

At the base of Grant Avenue are designer shops. Last year during my visit I thought these shops were too exposed, and this year my concerns became a reality. The night before my visit Fendi’s windows were “smashed,” and designer purses were stolen. Throughout Chinatown police presence was strong, and in the designer shop areas carpenters were busily installing wood to cover store windows. Some pictures..

Fendi’s – where the heist occurred

Sad the Chinese soldiers couldn’t protect the area.

Next, dinner, – delicious, and only $9, with enough for 3 days. Only catch, a Chinese customer ordered for me, and I have no idea what I ate. But, as stated earlier, DELICIOUS!

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