Final Night: Christmas Cruise Comedy

Always great!

Look for this sign on the cruise ships and you are guaranteed a good time.

The rating system..

Since I didn’t give the ship comedians their due am adding a blog. If you come across these two folks keep the channel on for a laugh.

This gal hails from South Carolina and told her after the show she needs to send a tape to Stephen Colbert. While she knew of the name, she didn’t know they shared the same state. She is a big, beautiful woman and her jokes talk of her size and the predicaments she has with this size. What a hoot!

Next – a Kansas man

Ran into this guy on the ship after his set. We had a short chat about Kansas as I had just past through. Told him he needs a sit com about Kansas folk. Have to be a special person to survive on the Great Plain.

This ends my Christmas Cruise. Happy Holidays to all.

Bimini – The Bahamas – Second Port of Call

Bimini is the western most island in the Bahamas and 50 miles off the coast of Florida. It was once known as a hangout of the scoundrel, Ernest Hemingway. What an amazing day this was…

Bimini has minimal retail shops. It’s allure is the beaches. Once off the ship a tram drove through several stops. I elected to stay on the public beach.

Sand art done by a 50 year old “kid”

Along the beach large seashells can be picked up, but ship wouldn’t allow cruisers to bring them on due to customs. Also, to die for beach houses.

My favorite beach house, currently under construction with an infinity pool. Wonder who is building this? Must be at least 3 million..

If you ever get the chance, Bimini is a must see and do. Suze Orman has a home on an island in the Bahamas where she fishes with her partner 8 hours a day and dishes financial advice on the side. Guess she followed her own advice.

A final farewell, view from the ship.

Christmas Cruise Day 2

There is much to do on the ship. Bingo, casino, games, and trivia shows are available as are exercise and beauty venues. Here’s what I accomplished on craft day.. What a great way to meet fellow passengers.

Music constantly plays throughout the day and evening. Comedy shows reign at night with early evening for all, and “adult” humor in the later hours of the evening.

And bring your phone as all events are listed on the cruise line AP.

An ice sculpting demonstration by one of the talented chefs.

And we’ll close with towel animals which greet cruisers every evening..

Tomorrow: Amber Cove

Christmas Cruise

Signed up for a Carnival Cruise as a get away from 10 months on the road. Left from Port Canaveral, Florida, which is much easier than Miami. With Miami really need to know Spanish to get around.

Port Canaveral

Was 5 days of fun filled cruising, but let’s start by checking out the ship. The Carnival Elation is a 23 year old vessel, however, well maintained. Staff is from over 50 nations, and as with all lines staff are English speaking and accommodating. Some ship pics..

Food was amazing and plentiful. Plan to pack on at least 5 pounds, but what surprised me on this cruise was folks getting into the Christmas spirit with decorated cabin doors…

And an ugly sweater contest – what fun and even the young’ins partake. Many families are on the cruise, cheaper than babysitters, and the kids seem to enjoy…

Every night on the ship was entertainment by an amazing troupe of dancers and singers. They also serenaded in Christmas music and dance. What a festive time and even the Captain got involved….

Happy Holidays

Tomorrow: More Fun

We’re Nuts

One final mention from this trek.. If you are ever on I-75 and see this sign – STOP. They have the most delicious assortment of chocolate covered nuts, condiments, ice cream, and you can pick fruit at their persimmon grove. Many samples are available so bring your sweet tooth, and forget about the calories.

Caveat: No compensation received for this blog.

End of the Journey 2021

While motoring through Kansas came across a sign for the birthplace of Bob Dole. He died this week at 98. Would have stopped if I had the energy or time. Never voted for the man, but, know he did much for military folks, and they are so deserving.

Also, along the way was this museum,

must be something in the Kansas water to create great military men.

Saw a sign for Cathedral of the Plains, so stopped to say a prayer. Had to thank the Lord for the nice weather.

Interesting to see a Catholic church in this area of the country. This Capuchin-Franciscan Church was erected in the early 1900’s by German and Russian Catholics. It is one of the largest limestone buildings on the Great Plains. The faithful hand carved and created much of the church interior.

It is on the National Register of Historic Places for its architectural significance.

And a shout out to St. Mary’s, another beautiful church down the road.. Gosh, they have many Kansas Catholics, who knew??

One last stop off.. the Czech Capital of Kansas. Here immigrants found a new land. In the 1870’s Czech’s began to arrive in this part of the country. They built huts to live in due to the lack of wood. Later they made bricks from sod or used limestone. Much of downtown remains from this era.

The original railroad station, now a hotel.

And the world’s largest hand painted Czech egg resides here.

Only in Kansas!

The Journey Back

Started the trek to Florida after the fun Park City visit. Took I-15 traveling through Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri… Did I miss a state?? God must have been smiling on me as the weather was idyllic, and yes I know it’s climate change, but considering what this journey could have held…

Some pictures of Utah and Colorado mountain beauties..

And I finally got some Mid-Western custard at Freddy’s along the way. Freddy is famous in this area of the country. What an American story. Only wish his custard didn’t have so many calories..

Through Kansas this is an interesting site, small oil rigs in the farmlands.

An oil refinery in the making, and amongst the dirty energy, wind turbines are seen.

Go figure, but this is America.

Park City, Utah

What a unique town… let’s take a look

Park City was discovered in 1868 when folks traversed the mountains from Salt Lake City in an effort to find silver. Later it became a mining town and in 1963 the ski industry took root and, henceforth, it has been a resort town.

It is one of the few non-Mormon towns in Utah.

Tribute to the Miner

One of the Sundance Theaters in Park City

And check out the Banksy artwork in the alleyway next to the theater..

What a fun town, but the night isn’t over – dining at the No Name is next..