San Francisco: Pier 39

Walked to Pier 39 from the hotel. While a long walk there is much to see along the way. Bay views are spectacular and bring your appetite as a variety of dining options are available.

Coit Tower guides during the walk. This 210 foot tower was built at the bequest of Lillie Hitchcock Coit, who was saved by firefighters during the San Francisco Fire of 1906. An art deco masterpiece it was constructed to beautify the City.

Other sites during the walk..

Be careful while walking as skateboarders and those on scooters are not..

For those who tire during the walk trolley cars are available..

Pier 39 Christmas tree

Unique Shops on the Pier

The largest magnet shop in the world also resides here for those magnet fanatics, or if in need of a small unusual gift. Took a bay boat ride on this lovely full moon night -half hour for $20, longer cruises are available during the day as are ferries to Sausalito. A trip to Alcatraz is also a fascinating day time cruise and visit..

Evening Entertainment – Rides on the Pier

But this was the most fun, and well attended.

The Pier Restaurants have much variety.

And don’t forget to follow that noise and visit the sea lions next door to the Pier.

Then journey further to Ghirardelli Square for some unforgettable hot chocolate or a hot fudge sundae.

The Menu

The Creators

The Server

What a memorable visit….

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