San Francisco: Museum of Modern Art

MOMA San Francisco

While not a big fan of modern art was told this Museum was a must see, and it surely was. Phyllis Wattis, was the Abby Rockefeller of the West in her love of the arts, and donations to them. Always interested in how people make their money, and wishing to give credit for their philanthropy allow me to continue..

Photo from the Phyllis Wattis Foundation

Mrs. Wattis, was a Mormon, the great granddaughter of Brigham Young. Her father was a sugar company executive, and she studied economics. Her husband’s company built Hoover Dam. She bequeathed over $150 million to California cultural institutions and the Museum of Modern Art was one of her main endeavors. What a fascinating life!

All that said, thank you Phyllis Wattis, and let’s start our tour..

The Modern Classics

Cezanne – was surprised and delighted to see Paul here as his works are mainly in Europe.

Georgia O’Keefe

While Georgia O’Keefe spent many summers in Upstate New York at Lake George, had never seen a Lake George painting. In the visit to San Francisco MOMA one was present.

Lake George

Other Masters

Frida Kahlo, Picasso, and Pollock

Each floor was dedicated to a different branch of the arts. To visit effectively plan on at least a 2 hour stay as there are 7 floors of massive works to take in.


Art from trash..

All from a kitchen
Loved this
A close up

A MishMash of Interesting Pieces


Kids loved this one – trying to locate the rooms..

Check out the outdoor garden sculptures..

Another interesting piece.

And Ruth Aswasa from Black Mountain College had works exhibited along with Swiss modernist, Paul Klee.

Next: The Joan Mitchell Collection

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