San Francisco – Day Trip Muir Woods

Wanted to visit Napa Valley, however, had no desire to drive. Found a tour on the net, $159., but worth every penny.

Great tour. Thanks, Mike. Received no compensation for endorsement.

Picking up passengers along the way gave a great tour of different parts of the city. Some pics..

View from the Presidio, beautiful spot with great views, and interesting history, but don’t waste your time and $$ at the Walt Disney Family Museum. It’s like Walt’s attic in a museum – cluttered and tmi…….


Besides Napa Valley, and a lunch stop in Sonoma, Muir Woods, was included in the tour. Had not been to Muir Woods in over 40 plus years, and thankfully it had not changed. Let’s start there.

The Visitor Center

Great first stop along the path — check out the age of these beautiful creatures. Most are 500 to 800 years of age, however, some may be as old as 1000. They have shallow roots for their height, and live in clusters known

as families. They are able to survive climate change as they receive moisture from the bay fog.

Note the burn marks on the middle tree, they are fire resistant but the scars of fire are present.
Another family of trees along the path.

They are the tallest living creatures on Earth with the tallest tree in the Woods being 258 feet.

Important information.

And look what I found at the gift shop for $14.95. Will try my luck at growing one of these amazing creatures of nature. Am told they grow a foot a year and in 7 years I can plant it outside and if I can’t will need a house with a larger ceiling..

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