San Francisco: Sonoma

The tour allowed 2 hours for lunch, however, when the bus passed Mission San Francisco Solano on the way to the parking lot knew lunch was not an option. One can always eat lunch, but to learn more of history outweighs hunger and the Mission did not disappoint. In speaking with the state park staff was told of a historic home within walking distance, but first the Mission.

This Mission was established July 4, 1823, under Mexican rule, and the last built in California. It was prosperous, having 900 Indian workers in residence and its 10,000 acres became a building complex. The Chapel was built in 1841 by General Mariano Vallejo, a Mexican General who started his career in service to Spain.

Vallejo was a proponent of California being annexed to the United States. Upon his retirement he continued to live in the area supporting this cause and was a keen businessman having cattle and farming interests. His home was not far from the Mission property.

General’s Bedroom

The General and his family lived in this home circa 1850. Some of the outbuildings on the estate.

View from the son’s home

What a find in the General’s storage area. This coach was the General’s personal coach and was ordered from France in 1850. The General handled the coach with a team of horses. There also was a footman for the carriage.

Some of General Vallejo’s accomplishments:

  • Member of California’s first state Constitutional Convention
  • Served in California’s first legislature as a state senator
  • Treasurer of California Horticultural Board
  • Wrote a 5 volume history of California
  • Established a 500 acre farm for his family.

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