San Francisco: Sonoma State Historic Park

In this State Park the Toscano Hotel was built in the 1850’s. Beside the hotel was a store and library. Lodgings with 3 meals were $1 per day in 1906. Local workers stayed in this area hoping to return to their homelands, however many stayed and created lives in Sonoma.*

Area at the end of the lobby where patrons could enjoy cards and spirits.
Boarding House adjacent to the hotel

Also in this complex is a military encampment created in 1834 to protect the territory. The Sonoma Barracks housed Mexicans serving 10 year Army enlistments. They provided a buffer to Russian expansion.

California has so much history. What a delight to have found these places.

Wish I could attend the December 11th tour.

*Much of the information is paraphrased from California State Park information.

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