My daughter has worked at the Sundance Film Festival for 4 years. Here she met the love of her life, thank you Robert Redford. While Robert Redford has sold the venue, and is no longer involved as the owner, the film festival still pays homage to the great actor.

This year the festival dates are January 20th – January 30th.

Driving to Sundance is a beautiful trek through the mountains.

Then you arrive at the venue.

As many as 100,000 will visit the Festival, which has multiple sites in the area with attendees transported via bus. Some pictures of the Sundance site.

One of several buildings for creatives to work in. Sundance has summer programs for rising young filmmakers.

In the main building is a hall with pictures of many important actors, dancers, and directors – recognize anyone??

The building also houses a restaurant and take out area..

Gift Shop

T shirt anyone?

Next: Park City

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