End of the Journey 2021

While motoring through Kansas came across a sign for the birthplace of Bob Dole. He died this week at 98. Would have stopped if I had the energy or time. Never voted for the man, but, know he did much for military folks, and they are so deserving.

Also, along the way was this museum,

must be something in the Kansas water to create great military men.

Saw a sign for Cathedral of the Plains, so stopped to say a prayer. Had to thank the Lord for the nice weather.

Interesting to see a Catholic church in this area of the country. This Capuchin-Franciscan Church was erected in the early 1900’s by German and Russian Catholics. It is one of the largest limestone buildings on the Great Plains. The faithful hand carved and created much of the church interior.

It is on the National Register of Historic Places for its architectural significance.

And a shout out to St. Mary’s, another beautiful church down the road.. Gosh, they have many Kansas Catholics, who knew??

One last stop off.. the Czech Capital of Kansas. Here immigrants found a new land. In the 1870’s Czech’s began to arrive in this part of the country. They built huts to live in due to the lack of wood. Later they made bricks from sod or used limestone. Much of downtown remains from this era.

The original railroad station, now a hotel.

And the world’s largest hand painted Czech egg resides here.

Only in Kansas!

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