Bimini – The Bahamas – Second Port of Call

Bimini is the western most island in the Bahamas and 50 miles off the coast of Florida. It was once known as a hangout of the scoundrel, Ernest Hemingway. What an amazing day this was…

Bimini has minimal retail shops. It’s allure is the beaches. Once off the ship a tram drove through several stops. I elected to stay on the public beach.

Sand art done by a 50 year old “kid”

Along the beach large seashells can be picked up, but ship wouldn’t allow cruisers to bring them on due to customs. Also, to die for beach houses.

My favorite beach house, currently under construction with an infinity pool. Wonder who is building this? Must be at least 3 million..

If you ever get the chance, Bimini is a must see and do. Suze Orman has a home on an island in the Bahamas where she fishes with her partner 8 hours a day and dishes financial advice on the side. Guess she followed her own advice.

A final farewell, view from the ship.

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