Final Night: Christmas Cruise Comedy

Always great!

Look for this sign on the cruise ships and you are guaranteed a good time.

The rating system..

Since I didn’t give the ship comedians their due am adding a blog. If you come across these two folks keep the channel on for a laugh.

This gal hails from South Carolina and told her after the show she needs to send a tape to Stephen Colbert. While she knew of the name, she didn’t know they shared the same state. She is a big, beautiful woman and her jokes talk of her size and the predicaments she has with this size. What a hoot!

Next – a Kansas man

Ran into this guy on the ship after his set. We had a short chat about Kansas as I had just past through. Told him he needs a sit com about Kansas folk. Have to be a special person to survive on the Great Plain.

This ends my Christmas Cruise. Happy Holidays to all.

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