Mayor of Washington D.C. Muriel Bowser

Since 2015 Muriel Bowser has held the reigns of a very challenging post as Mayor of Washington D.C. This 49 year old previously represented the 4th Ward of the District of Columbia from 2007-2015.

With wise decisions to protect her City during the January 6, 2021 insurrection, she is grace under fire. Having experienced her eloquent speaking style during a Bloomberg campaign stop, she is knowledgeable, charming, and well versed. In her position she oversees an 8.8 billion dollar budget, and is strong on covid protections. She announced on November 4th that she will run for another term, which will not be a problematic fight as in the last election she received 76% of the vote.

Go Muriel!


Three Highlights For Today

  • Russia continues to threaten the Ukraine.
  • New tr investigation and charges in Georgia voting and election results
  • Arctic blast hits the south

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

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Becoming Mayor in 2019 this 59 year woman has handled many battles with Chicago school teachers, cops, and the like with tenacity. In her current battle over keeping kids in school, (70% of Chicago students get fed via the school program), during covid she has remained strong and come to reasonable compromise with an often challenging group.

Coming from private legal practice she held various government positions in the police and criminal justice arena. Born in Ohio, educated at the University of Michigan, then a law degree from the University of Chicago Law School, she is a well educated negotiator who has earned her the title of “Kick Ass Trial Attorney.”

Three Highlights for Today

  • republican senators block voting rights legislation – guess Stephen Colbert was right let’s get rid of the senate – they are a do nothing group
  • Surprise – Supreme Court allows trump information to be given to the Insurrection Committee
  • Biden mask and testing give away has begun – did you receive your email?

U.S. House of Representative – Val Demings

Val Demings was one of the women on President Biden’s short list for Vice President. She is the representative from Florida’s 10th District which is the area around the Orlando theme parks. Beginning her career as a police officer with the Orlando Police Department she rose through the ranks becoming their Chief of Police from 2007-2011. This year she began a grass roots campaign to unseat republican Marco Rubio.

She is nationally recognized in the law enforcement community and known for her sharp questioning skills. During the first trump impeachment hearings she served as one of the seven House impeachment judges. She is a gal to watch..


Three Highlights for Today

  • Subpoenas go to the trump family, and rudy guiliani to present information at the Insurrection Committee
  • Bronx home gas explosion and fire killing one, injuring several others as well as fire fighters and police
  • Federal Voting Rights Law has potential vote today

Amazing Black Women: Michelle Obama and Stacey Abrams

For Martin Luther King’s birthday will be honoring amazing black women who are involved in American politics this week. And what better gals to begin with: Michelle Obama and Stacey Abrams.

Michelle Obama – The wife and First Lady to our 44th President, Barack Obama, Michelle is a lawyer, author, and a gal from the south side of Chicago who also loves to garden. As First Lady her main initiatives were service members and their families, higher education, and international education for adolescent girls.

She graduated from Princeton, and Harvard Law. As a Chicago lawyer she met her future husband when he interned at her law firm. As a private citizen she continues her role working tirelessly for women, and is beloved by a majority of the American people.


Stacey Abrams is an American politician, lawyer, voting rights advocist, who served in the Georgia House of Representatives from 2007-2011, then as minority representative from 2011-2017. This 48 year old is also an author of several best selling fictions. A Yale law school graduate, she currently is running for Governor of Georgia, a post she lost under suspicious conditions by only several thousand votes in the last election. To donate to her Governor campaign:


Three Highlights for Today:

  • Texas synagogue shooting – people question how a gun was obtained, what a laugh it’s Texas..
  • Major winter storm in southeast – 2 inches per hour in some states, lights for 1000’s out, Climate change strikes again…… Another storm due this weekend, stock up Americans.
  • Omicron – far from over and the potential for another variant is on the horizon.

Martin Luther King Birthday: January 15th

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While Saturday is the actual date of Martin Luther King’s birthday we celebrate today. Why? A law was passed to give folks a three day weekend. Other than that I am unsure.

However on the celebration this year we have little to celebrate. Nineteen states have enacted thirty- three laws making it more difficult to vote. Why don’t these states be honest and say they only want white rich folk to vote. While white, I don’t fall in this category and even if I did , it disgusts me as:

In diversity there is strength.

Wealthy man clipart. Free download transparent .PNG | Creazilla
No diversity here, only fear what could be lost. However can you imagine what could be gained?


Being a travel nurse residing in Florida I vote by mail. Cannot tell you how many hoops I had to jump through as they inspected my voter registration card. And why? Well, I am a registered Democrat in a red state. Isn’t red communism? That was another blog. I digress..

While a college graduate I had difficulty with their queries, and quite frankly I was being harassed. They questioned my responses with such scrutiny I had to enlist of the support of several others to get my voter registration card approved and this took much time……………………

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New voter laws passed since the Big Lie change everything from limiting voting times, number of ballot boxes, how to sign the ballot envelope, notarization of ballot, limiting water consumption while waiting in line to vote, etc… And from what I’ve seen current lines can have up to a 6 hour wait. It’s dam hot and humid in the south during this time, and if a senior voter it’s life threatening.


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Well, back to my initial message..

Happy birthday Martin Luther King

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Martin really tried, but maybe we need to wave a magic wand to get this changed permanently.

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On another note: Three Highlights for the week..

  • Supreme Court blocks Biden Vaccine Mandates 6-3 conservative line voting
  • Oath Keepers leader and 10 others charged with “peditious conspiracy,” maximum penalty 20 years
  • Prince Andrew looses titles.

Brooklyn Museum: 4th Floor

One is greeted by Tiffany stained glass upon floor entry…

Dawn in the Woods in Springtime and Sunset in Autumn Woods, 1905

This stained glass is from All Souls Universalist Church in Brooklyn, and is a flawless piece of a Tiffany artistry with its brilliant colors.

Desk with Statutes
More Tiffany – kind of dull though, don’t you think???
Austrian Glass
A Conglomeration
Art Deco: Rockefeller Reception Room

Baserra Khan: I am an Archive

This artist is the recipient of the Brooklyn Museum UOVO prize for emerging artist. His art reflects his Muslim heritage. Interesting dynamic.

A Crack in the Hourglass: An Ongoing Covid 19 Memorial

This was a fascinating yet eerie display.. Created by Mexican artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, this work uses sand, glass, a robotic platform, cameras, computers, and the like, to depict pictures of those who have passed due to covid 19. Individuals can submit pictures of their departed to the site and the picture of the individual will be cast into sand.

The process begins with the hourglass which holds sand.

Then a picture is drawn using the sand.

Wall of Covid victims with their sand pictures.

Further information/explanation of this work.


This piano plays at the entrance to The Crack in the Hourglass exhibit

The Dinner Party: Brooklyn Museum

This iconic work is on permanent display at the Brooklyn Museum. It was created by feminist artist, Judy Chicago, in the 1970’s and has traveled the world. It depicts women who have contributed through books, films, and art.

The Table

A Few of the Attendees

Saint Bridget

Saint Bridget is the patron saint of babies, midwives, children whose parents aren’t married, scholars, poets, travelers.

Sojourner Truth was an outspoken advocate for abolition, temperance, civil, and women’s rights in the nineteenth century. She was a former slave.

Susan Anthony was an American social reformer, and women’s rights activist who played a pivotal role in the women’s suffrage movement.

Virginia Woolf is considered one of the most important modernist 20th century authors.

Margaret Sanger was an American birth control advocate, sex educator, writer, and nurse.

Can you imagine the conversation which could occur at this table?

Caveat: Bios taken from internet sources.

Two Good Things..

Today got an email from Jon Ossoff, one of the Georgia senators. Here’s what he said..

The Ban Congressional Stock Trading Act will require all members of Congress, their spouses, and dependent children to place their stock portfolios into a blind trust — ensuring they cannot use inside information to influence their personal stock trades and make a profit.

Members who violate rules would be fined the amount of their entire Congressional salary.


My comment: Wish they’d take their $150,000 a year pension. That would really work.


Back to Jon: A majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents AGREE with a Congressional stock trading ban.


Me again: No more sneaking around like that Georgia senator David Perdue, (who is now running for GA Governor),* did when the country was in crisis. While everyone else was voting he was trading stocks so he would gain more wealth. Cost him his seat, just loved those campaign ads they had against him…

Can you imagine what he’ll do to the Georgia voting laws should he get in?? Can they get any worse??

They just should have a law stating black people can’t vote, that would cover their mission.


On another note..


He’s still fighting for US.. Must be a great feeling to know you were right after all the crap he took from folks saying he was a nut. I always believed you Al!

Great piece on CBS Morning showing his Tennessee farm and all he is doing to save the planet. Liked his comment, and I paraphrase,

WE cannot continue to use our sky as a sewer..

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Check out Paramount Plus and see the clip, and let’s hope others do. We need to change for our future, and the future of our children.

*Running against Stacey Abrams, remember her – she got Georgia for Joe Biden.. Keep watching, will be fun.

Kyrsten Sinema – Who is she?

And better yet what does she stand for? She’s a flip flopper, but according to her page..

As Arizona’s senior Senator, Kyrsten works every day to deliver for Arizona families – helping veterans get the benefits they’ve earned, creating good–paying jobs, and keeping Americans safe.

Kyrsten feels a duty to serve and give back to the country that gave her so much. She got her shot at the American dream, and she’ll keep working to make sure all Arizonans get theirs too.

In reading this find her a liar, just like the orange guy. What a hypocrite when she’s fighting against all President Joe Biden is trying to improve. This 45 year old is a lawyer, social worker, and has served AZ state senate and federally. She was elected in 2019 to the Senate and has fought against all she said she stands for. Why? No one seems to know only her re-election kitty is growing quite large from special interest folks who like what she’s endorsing by blocking climate legislation and being a pain in the ass.

Maybe those cactus got to her as she’s dam prickly and certainly not for her constituents.
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She began her career with the green party – what a joke as she sure doesn’t stand with them anymore. They get a taste of that exclusive “Senate Club,” and it goes to their heads so want to stay in power and follow the money. She’s pro-gun, and voted against the $15/hour wage. With all those poor Mexicans in AZ, what a slap. Let’s hope she gets slapped out of the “Club,” and someone with scruples kicks her ass along with her partner, Manchin.

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Then there’s Mark Kelly, the other dem or dumb, AZ senator who is becoming a nightmare for President Joe as well. He’s going against filibuster changes President Biden is proposing. He might as well be a republican – but he’s scared as he is the most likely to loose his seat. In reading his pleas for campaign donations Mitch is really after the former astronaut. Let’s face it what do these characters do? Stupid me contributed to his campaign last time, but no more. Fall in line Mark Kelly, your country needs you.

The Traitor Seat Falls Empty- don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave.
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What’s the matter with these people? Did they forget what they signed on for? It’s all greed, narcissism, and notoriety. Who ever heard of these people before they started their uproars?? Now, they have us all hostage.

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Not a peachy day for Joe…

Peaches, Fruits, Bowl, Fruit Bowl, Fresh

Sad to see President Biden’s Georgia trip go down in flames. That state is a mess and Biden’s visit didn’t help. People want action and are tired but given the deck Joe is handed, what can he do? Maybe a presidential executive order???

If only the dems stuck like the republicans. Guess they need a sign on pact like the republicans in order to keep them in line? Maybe Joe needs to pull back on the dough like the orange guy? However, times could be changing, and maybe we won’t have the orange guy around much longer. He’s loosing weight, and you know what that means, maybe it’s pancreatic and he’ll go fast and painfully. Like the pain he’s induced on everyone else.

If only 2 Advil could cure America’s ills.
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