Devin Nunes – One Down more to Go

Today heard of the resignation of Devin Nunes from California. He will be in charge of the orange prez media company. A loyal follower it is good to be rid of him, and he will have his $150,000. a year pension with full health care benefits to sustain him, just in case this media company goes belly up.

Caveat: Any media company needs FCC*, approval to operate, and we definitely need compliance especially when the owner has been removed from every communication platform available.

Good luck Devin Nunes, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you depart, so glad to be rid of you.. One down, more to go…

Cheers, Pleasure, Poor, Community
I can hear the cheers from California now..

*Federal Communication Commission

Tomorrow, as with every weekend, we will be on commercial break, and discuss what a 65 year old does, no thinking allowed. Stay tuned.

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