Brooklyn Museum 5th Floor

What a phenomenal Museum this is! And it’s free, but give a donation. Don’t forget your mask, and vaccination card..

Started on the 5th floor, here are some of the beauties located there.

The Luce American Collection

Brooklyn natives painted by Samuel Lovett, (1783-1861), with a Box Sofa from 1830.

A Pic-Nic Party, by Thomas Cole, one of the Hudson River School of Painters, 1801-1848. If you ever get the chance visit his home, what a treat.

Found this an interesting one..

All Talk and No WorkFrancis William Edwards 1805-1868

This oil on canvas depicts one white and one African American in conversation outside a barn.

They both in tattered clothing are engaged in productive talk.

Interesting dynamic for this era.

Refreshing to see.

Winter in Brooklyn by Francis Guy, 1760-1820, view from his studio on Front St., which is now the Dumbo area of Brooklyn..

Some others..

The Luce’s also contributed Visible Storage – what a fascinating spot. Take some time and savor the gems in this area. It is like visiting an attic of history.

Another stop on the 5th Floor: Climate in Crisis: Environmental Change in Indigenous Americas

This collection had artifacts from Indigenous Americans and mentioned how global warming will affect their ability to survive.

And one final stop on the 5th Floor.. A Tribute to one of the greatest Brooklyn natives of all.

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