History Will Judge You..

Sun Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

One of my favorite shows is CBS Sunday Morning, and who couldn’t love Jane Pauley?? She is the ultimate in truthful journalism. In the January 9, 2022 episode historians ranked the orange prez with one giving him a D, and another a “failure.”

These historians comments will be published shortly in The Presidency of …. :A First Historical Assessment. They stated any accomplishment by this individual will be eclipsed by his bizarre behavior which as a psych nurse I attribute to mental illness or use of drugs. There were

30,573 “untruths”

by this man beginning with inauguration crowd numbers, and continuing daily throughout his presidency.

Photo by CDC on Pexels.com

The historians stated the judgment of this presidency will come from 2 items: his handling of the Pandemic, and the insurrection. While he got the vaccine done, the failed rollout from lies regarding scientific evidence caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.

US Capitol Building at night in Washington DC USA. The United States Capitol often called the Capitol Building is the meeting place of the United States Congress royalty free stock photos

And the second…the insurrection. He came into power with an agenda to disrupt democracy and sadly this was accomplished by aligning with racists emboldening them. Who could ever forget Charlottesville, Virginia? The big lie continues to be broadcast without any merit, and he is the only president who refused to honor democracy in the peaceful transition of power.

Which leads me to one final comment and concern. There should be financial restitution from these insurrectionists, citizens should not have to pay for their actions. These individuals have businesses and money. A surcharge by the courts is needed. Check out the equation..

40 million divided by 738 insurrectionists found= $52,400. surcharge

We could do a 10 year plan.. Doubtful the orange prez or the RNC would offer to pay, but why should we?

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