Kyrsten Sinema – Who is she?

And better yet what does she stand for? She’s a flip flopper, but according to her page..

As Arizona’s senior Senator, Kyrsten works every day to deliver for Arizona families – helping veterans get the benefits they’ve earned, creating good–paying jobs, and keeping Americans safe.

Kyrsten feels a duty to serve and give back to the country that gave her so much. She got her shot at the American dream, and she’ll keep working to make sure all Arizonans get theirs too.

In reading this find her a liar, just like the orange guy. What a hypocrite when she’s fighting against all President Joe Biden is trying to improve. This 45 year old is a lawyer, social worker, and has served AZ state senate and federally. She was elected in 2019 to the Senate and has fought against all she said she stands for. Why? No one seems to know only her re-election kitty is growing quite large from special interest folks who like what she’s endorsing by blocking climate legislation and being a pain in the ass.

Maybe those cactus got to her as she’s dam prickly and certainly not for her constituents.
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She began her career with the green party – what a joke as she sure doesn’t stand with them anymore. They get a taste of that exclusive “Senate Club,” and it goes to their heads so want to stay in power and follow the money. She’s pro-gun, and voted against the $15/hour wage. With all those poor Mexicans in AZ, what a slap. Let’s hope she gets slapped out of the “Club,” and someone with scruples kicks her ass along with her partner, Manchin.

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Then there’s Mark Kelly, the other dem or dumb, AZ senator who is becoming a nightmare for President Joe as well. He’s going against filibuster changes President Biden is proposing. He might as well be a republican – but he’s scared as he is the most likely to loose his seat. In reading his pleas for campaign donations Mitch is really after the former astronaut. Let’s face it what do these characters do? Stupid me contributed to his campaign last time, but no more. Fall in line Mark Kelly, your country needs you.

The Traitor Seat Falls Empty- don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave.
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What’s the matter with these people? Did they forget what they signed on for? It’s all greed, narcissism, and notoriety. Who ever heard of these people before they started their uproars?? Now, they have us all hostage.

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