Brooklyn Museum: 4th Floor

One is greeted by Tiffany stained glass upon floor entry…

Dawn in the Woods in Springtime and Sunset in Autumn Woods, 1905

This stained glass is from All Souls Universalist Church in Brooklyn, and is a flawless piece of a Tiffany artistry with its brilliant colors.

Desk with Statutes
More Tiffany – kind of dull though, don’t you think???
Austrian Glass
A Conglomeration
Art Deco: Rockefeller Reception Room

Baserra Khan: I am an Archive

This artist is the recipient of the Brooklyn Museum UOVO prize for emerging artist. His art reflects his Muslim heritage. Interesting dynamic.

A Crack in the Hourglass: An Ongoing Covid 19 Memorial

This was a fascinating yet eerie display.. Created by Mexican artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, this work uses sand, glass, a robotic platform, cameras, computers, and the like, to depict pictures of those who have passed due to covid 19. Individuals can submit pictures of their departed to the site and the picture of the individual will be cast into sand.

The process begins with the hourglass which holds sand.

Then a picture is drawn using the sand.

Wall of Covid victims with their sand pictures.

Further information/explanation of this work.


This piano plays at the entrance to The Crack in the Hourglass exhibit

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