U.S. House of Representative – Val Demings

Val Demings was one of the women on President Biden’s short list for Vice President. She is the representative from Florida’s 10th District which is the area around the Orlando theme parks. Beginning her career as a police officer with the Orlando Police Department she rose through the ranks becoming their Chief of Police from 2007-2011. This year she began a grass roots campaign to unseat republican Marco Rubio.

She is nationally recognized in the law enforcement community and known for her sharp questioning skills. During the first trump impeachment hearings she served as one of the seven House impeachment judges. She is a gal to watch..


Three Highlights for Today

  • Subpoenas go to the trump family, and rudy guiliani to present information at the Insurrection Committee
  • Bronx home gas explosion and fire killing one, injuring several others as well as fire fighters and police
  • Federal Voting Rights Law has potential vote today

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