Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

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Becoming Mayor in 2019 this 59 year woman has handled many battles with Chicago school teachers, cops, and the like with tenacity. In her current battle over keeping kids in school, (70% of Chicago students get fed via the school program), during covid she has remained strong and come to reasonable compromise with an often challenging group.

Coming from private legal practice she held various government positions in the police and criminal justice arena. Born in Ohio, educated at the University of Michigan, then a law degree from the University of Chicago Law School, she is a well educated negotiator who has earned her the title of “Kick Ass Trial Attorney.”

Three Highlights for Today

  • republican senators block voting rights legislation – guess Stephen Colbert was right let’s get rid of the senate – they are a do nothing group
  • Surprise – Supreme Court allows trump information to be given to the Insurrection Committee
  • Biden mask and testing give away has begun – did you receive your email?

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