Lincoln Center: January Weekend 22

View from Lincoln Center Theater

On this rainy weekend explored the Lincoln Center area. Besides the Metropolitan Opera, NYC Ballet, and Film at Lincoln Center, discovered the Lincoln Center Theater with its limited engagement of Flying Over Sunset.

Anxious to see another James Lapine production I attended. Tickets were reasonable at this Vivian Beaumont Theater which supports and honors ongoing creativity. The venue is modern, comfortable, and easy to navigate.

Great Stage, Audience Seating

This fictitious romp concerned itself with a 1950’s LSD trip of notables – Aldous Huxley, Clare Boothe Luce, Cary Grant and Gerald Heard. All had documented “trips” during this time when LSD was legal. While humorous it provoked questions regarding life’s journey, and the ultimate question, “Why??” Acting, dancing, and singing was superb, as with any NYC performance. The plot line was loose, however as the Program Note stated one needed to connect the dots. Good performance for a rainy weekend..

Next: Parallel Mothers with Penelope Cruz directed by Almodovar

Interesting movie with many twists and turns. Penelope is a woman left pregnant by her lover who befriends a young woman in the hospital as they both give birth. Upon hospital departure they continue a friendship. The lover of Penelope returns. He is a forensic archaeologist and issues of World War II occur in the movie. With the background of Spain’s beauty the movie entices, especially with this Europhil who always yearns for Europe, but will say no more so as not to give away the movie “secrets.”

There was much promotion with this movie and when this occurs always wonder…. However, acting was fair to intense, as was story line, and it was a perfect diversion on this rainy January day. Recommend attendance as it gives insight to many issues and a historical perspective on the pain of World War II.

Note: This Lincoln Center Theater is in the Julliard complex across the street from the Lincoln Center Movie Theater.

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