Sarah Palin – Remember her?


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The former Governor of Alaska, and Vice Presidential candidate is heading to court with the New York Times. Why? Well this pro gun, former Tea Party gal, (another remember that), is suing an editor at the paper for defamation. Apparently, she was inaccurately linked in the article to the 2011 shooting at a site where Rep Gabby Giffords, and others were speaking to constitutents.* Article stated her PAC circulated the location of certain politicians who were against her beliefs.

The NY Times has apologized, but guess that wasn’t enough.


And the last WHY?

She now lives in Arizona and probably wants to run again…..Spare US please…..

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Three Highlights For Today

  • Sinema censured – YES!
  • McConnell defending his record – what is that but to block everything that America needs
  • Blinken on Russia – Prayers needed here..

*Death of six, injury to 18 at this site by a man with a mental illness.

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