Good Bye Stephen Breyer, Happy Retirement

Stephen Breyer - Wikipedia

Today President Biden got thrown a life line with the retirement of 83 year old Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. He is hanging up his skates the end of the summer and moving on. Am grateful he is departing before the Senate potentially changes, however, with the idiots of WV and AZ, one wonders what could potentially occur.

Some of his stats:

  • second longest serving associate justice at 27 years.
  • Stanford educated, Harvard Law
  • considered the liberal wing of the Court
  • amiable, upbeat, and pleasant
  • good Stephen Colbert guest
  • recently wrote The Authority of the Court and the Peril of Politics

President Biden has vowed to appoint a black female to the bench, and Chuck Schumer has stated this will be done in record speed. Let’s hope so……

Three Highlights for Today

  • The world walks on needles and pins as Putin plans his attack. The EU is sending support to Ukraine, and the World Bank is considering shutting off Russia – PLEASE do so..
  • A winter snow blast is due this weekend in the Northeast
  • Federal Reserve to raise interest rates

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