Dior Exhibit – Part II

The Dior Exhibit is vast – take time to visit the many videos and displays. Plan on a two hour stay. It is a wonderful trip down memory lane taking in the Dior commercials, magazine covers, and the most fascinating, the atelier exhibit. Here the private workshop of those who create the fashion are displayed.

The Wall of White – how each creation begins

Another fascinating venue: The making of a Dior watch..

When Christian Dior passed he wished the fashion house be passed to Yves Saint Laurent. Management was skeptical about this 21 year old, however, the succession was past when the 1958 Laurent spring collection was revealed. Here’s some of Yves creations..

Next: Marc Bohan 1961-1989 He had the slim look, inspired by flappers of the roaring 20’s which captured Elizabeth Taylor’s interest purchasing 12 dresses. Youthful style of swinging London was his trademark.

Gianfranco Ferre 1989-1996 An Italian designer, he was the mover behind the haute couture revival of the 1990’s. A fan of lavish ornamentation, his work:

John Gallano 1997-2011 A British designer his appointment shocked the industry. According to the exhibit signage he merged the industry with imagination and respect for tradition..

Raf Simons 2012-2015 Of Belgian descent this designer was known for minimalism, and was a romantic. He stated, “I don’t have any stories of the day or concepts to propose. I believe in a modern-day aesthetic. Women are no longer interested in clothes that don’t let them move.”

Some of his clothing available on the web.

The most current House of Dior designer is Maria Grazia Chiuri (2016-present). She is an Italian designer and a feminist, stating, “We should all be feminists.” Go, Maria!

Let’s end with a quote from a man who began it all.

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