Police Officer Mora Laid to Rest…………………..Caveman Capitol Attacker

Was in the City today and picked up a copy of the free newspaper, AM Metro New York. A beautiful tribute to Officer Wilbert Mora appeared in the newspaper. Besides giving his life, this son of Dominican immigrants also donated his organs. Five individuals benefited from this donation.

What a valiant, courageous, young man, and such a tragic loss.

After reading of this Officer Mora, came across an article about this man. I hate to even place his name in the same blog as Officer Mora.

Aaron Mostofsky, was one of the insurrectionists. He is the son of an elected Supreme Court Judge whose term, according to Ballotpedia, ends January 1, 2034. Dressing as a caveman he stole a Capitol Police Officer’s shield, and bullet proof vest. There are pictures of him smashing Capitol building windows. He also pursued a Capitol Police Officer to the second floor. He faces $250,000., in fines, and 5 years in federal prison. Hopefully, he will get the max on both sentences, and at 35 he is sunk, but have no sympathy..

Newt Gingrich stated the members of the House Insurrection Committee need to be prosecuted, and past prez orange man stated in Florida this week if re-elected he will exonerate all those who participated in the insurrection.

This goes beyond words, it is insanity. The wrong individual died.


Let’s end on a lighter note, some Chinese Lunar New Year decorations.

Welcome the Year of the Tiger

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