NYC Plays Tips

Been taking in much NYC culture during this time. Here’s some pointers:

  • Get your ticket from the box office. It’s the cheapest route to get tickets.
  • Once in line, have your vaccination card and photo id ready for inspection. It will expedite entry.
  • Dress warm as theaters are cold. Layers.
  • Arrive a half hour before the performance.
  • Leave before the curtain falls, or stay seated till the bulk of the patrons have left. I’ve taken a number of falls, and patrons don’t always watch their kids who can knock down seniors.
  • Hold on to the hand rails at all times.
  • Go to the bathroom before the performance, or immediately after. Intermission is a nightmare.
  • Bring 2 masks. Stay apart as much as possible.
  • Millennials do not converse, don’t waste your breath in trying.
  • If seated near someone from across the pond, be friendly. They love to gab and learn of the US, and NYC sites.
  • Before you leave check out the area around your seat to ensure you have all your belongings.

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