Dear William: A Father’s Memoir to Addiction, Recovery, Love, and Loss

This book by author David Magee is a brutal unpeeling of layers of pain. Mr. Magee is an American author, screenwriter, and producer. The memoir addresses generational issues growing up in light of past sins – divorce, infidelity, drug addiction.

His golden child William died of an accidental overdose.

No easy answers here, but provides hope, and definitely worth a read.

I often think what young folks raised during this time are feeling, and how this will affect their futures.

Do you?


Three Highlights For Today

  • Spirit and Frontier Airlines to merge – does two wrongs make a right?
  • Queen Elizabeth to celebrate 70 years as Queen. Camilla to become Queen Consort on her death.
  • Pence admits the orange prez was wrong regarding his attempts to overturn the election.

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