Any of the 10 folks who follow my blog know I am a computer dunderhead.* Last night this prevailed while attempting to access the new season of Billionaire. While asking Sori, or is it Suri, ended up at Belfast, then found myself purchasing the movie in error for $19.99, an exorbitant cost. However, if you have a family of 10, it’s a deal, and it can be accessed for 48 hours. Will have to reimburse my daughter when I pay the Brooklyn rent.

The movie is profound, and recounts the time of Irish history known as “the troubles.” Portrayed through the eyes of a young boy, it conveys the reality of a Protestant family living among Catholics. Attempts are made, and succeed, to bring the child into a gang. Scenes of violence are accurate, and moving. Cast performance is impeccable. Recommend using subtitles when viewing as dialect is strong. Filmed in black and white adds to the story line. If you see any film this year, see this.

And as to Billionaire, never was able to access. Need update, can anyone help?


Three Highlights for Today

  • Olympic News === Nathan Chen, an American and Yale graduate, broke the Olympic skating score for short program at 113.97, formerly held by Hanyu at 111.82.
  • Macron of France met with Putin as EU partners court the Russian to end Ukraine aggression.
  • peter thiel resigns meta (F), resigning to promote orange prez agenda. Target: rep sen for Ohio and AZ.

*Thanks for following…………..

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