Working As An American

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I love New York City and the main reason is the diversity. While those who reside here may never consider America “their home,” or “their country,” I understand. This is not to say that it doesn’t bother me at times, but, I try to walk in their shoes as the Indian proverb states, and it brings me back to reality.

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Currently I am working in a hospital with Russian nurses. With the sleepless nights I experience thinking of the imminent war with Russia I wonder how this will play out. Of course, they have one advantage as they speak their native tongue. I will have no idea what they are saying and perhaps that is for the best.

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We all live under the same sky.

Three Highlights for Today

  • Parents of Michigan shooter who killed classmates in court. Why would you buy your child a gun?
  • UCLA gyn settlement of $243.6 million for sexual misconduct. Wonder if they’ll ever get Jim Jordan for his inaction on the wrestling allegations when he was in charge??????????????????
  • House passes a sweeping bill to upgrade the USPS. It had bipartisan support and headed for the senate.

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