NFL: A Disgrace

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Don’t know much about football, and unable to even name a team, but, know one thing, it is an industry with a lack of coaching diversity. With 70% of players black, only 1 in 9 coaches are.

Why? Most owners are wealthy white men.

The Brian Flores lawsuit which calls attention to this situation will be one which is interesting to watch in this billion dollar industry. I am cheering for a verdict in Flores favor.

To me it is a slam dunk, is this football?? It would seem to me that black players would better respond and work with black coaches thus causing player contentment, team functioning, thus wins!

What a thought..

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Three Highlights for today..

  • 56% of Americans believe our elected officials don’t reflect the will of the people. Folks are catching on.
  • Blockages on the Canadian-American Bridge by truckers causing serious impacts on Canadian and American economies.
  • Mask mandates easing throughout the country. Maybe someone should enlighten these truckers blocking the border??

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