New Texas Voting Law

Under the new Texas Voting Law only those 65 or over are qualified to vote absentee and they also must meet the following criteria:

  • Absent from the county during the election
  • Have a disability or illness which would make it risky to their health, or they need assistance to get to the voting place.

Tried to locate how the above 2 criteria are proven, and what paperwork is required, but was unable.

With submission of the ballot a copy of identification is required. In Harris County, which includes Dallas, 38% of the ballots received thus far have been rejected. With a March 1st deadline election staff are scrambling to correct these errors.

Writing this I laugh as those who put this law in place in an effort to maintain their power are actually loosing their base.

The Base

Three Highlights for Today..

  • Storms ravaging most of the US today, 100 million affected.
  • tr family to be deposed for business practices by New York State Attorney General staff.
  • US government funded through March 11th by a senate bill. Gosh, they actually did something!

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