Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Prep

One of the ships to the Statue and Ellis Island

Every 10 years I visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. They are global treasures, and what a treat I found in this decades venture.

But, let’s start with visit preparations..

Order tickets on line for the excursion via:


There are many trip options available to visit the Statue or Ellis Island Museum, however, if you only wish a float by pic of our lady recommend a free Staten Island Ferry ride for this.

But.., if a history buff recommend the “authorized concessioner,” tour. Prices are reasonable for what received, and by purchasing on line your spot is secured. Arrive early, first ship 9:30 am, as there is much to see. Also, if visiting in winter, dress in warm layers, as it is a brisk ride over the Hudson River. However, should you forget hats or gloves, many street vendors sell wares as you wait in line.

Last ship departure from the sites at 4:30 pm.

Screening area prior to embarking on the ship.

While tasty food vendors are available on the ship and islands, backpacks with snacks can also be brought. Screening staff are friendly, and helpful, but as with TSA in airports, these folks have a job to do.

Shout out to Battery Park…

After your visit there are many monuments to service men and women lost in our wars to view, as well as fun things to do and see, or take a rest and observe the view.

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