Statue of Liberty

She always evokes pride..

The 15 minute ride from Battery Park to the Statue is spectacular. Upon arriving recommend seeing the new Statue of Liberty Museum first.

Walk through these Gates to the Museum.

The newest edition to the Island, May 2019

Take time to see the Museum movie and relish in the many items of interest. What I found of particular interest was the information on how the Statue was constructed then later renovated by European artisans for our 200th anniversary in 1976.

Plaster Ear Mold

The Toe – first a plaster mold is made, then bronze is applied over the mold.

The historical information provided at the Museum was phenomenal. Take time to read the many placards and view the items of interest. Here are a few pictures.

Artist Peter Max, an immigrant whose rendering of the Statue was particularly poignant.
Bartholdi – The Man Responsible for it all..

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