Selby Gardens

1534 Mound Street, Sarasota

History – Marie Selby Garden was the effort of Marie and William Selby over 40 years ago to preserve this Sarasota green space as an oasis. The Ohio residents often visited the area, and eventually purchased the property on the Sarasota Bay and Hudson Bayou.

Besides the property in Sarasota, Historic Spanish Point in Osprey, Florida, can also be visited. This is a 30 acre museum of gardens with a waterfall displaying native Florida plants.

On today’s visit there was a unique exhibit of Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith. Works from both artists were displayed among the greens, and flowers. What a creative and beautiful concept, let’s take a peek, and you can decide.

The Chelsea Hotel, where many Punk Rockers of this era lived.

Patti Smith, recently wrote a book on her life with Mapplethorpe, Just Kids. While I have yet to read the book visitors at the garden stated it was a remarkable work reflecting the life and times of these musicians.

Smith and Mapplethorpe met in New York City and were lovers for a period of time until Robert discovered his true identity as a homosexual man. Despite this they remained life long friends. He and his male partner both died of AIDS.

Patti Smith

On the day of my visit Patti Smith performed for a select group of Sarasota residents, and I caught a shot of her lunching with museum administrators.


While the exhibit was phenomenal want to share the beauty of other portions of the Garden.

The Selby Home
The Desert Garden

View of the Bay.

Another must see in Sarasota..

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