Joe Biden Blooper, but is it?

“For God’s sake this man cannot remain in power.”

Joe ranks with these other folk.

All those in Biden’s sphere are attempting to adjust and spin his comment/gaffe, but the bigger question is, “WHY?”

Joe Biden was speaking from the heart as some articles state, but I think he was verbalizing what we all think. This man cannot continue in power. He is threatening not only Ukraine but the world with his actions. Now he, (I don’t even want to use his name), is asking for assassins to help his troops.

Wonder how he’s going to pay for them?

Home A Month!

Photo by Andre Furtado on Aren’t sunflowers amazing.. Jennifer Aniston’s favorite flower.


Didn’t write yesterday as I was enthralled in a 6 hour safari reinstalling my printer. And the best part,


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Think Cory Booker is correct..

Returning after being on the road for almost 2 years is fraught with much work. Reconnecting with the post office, installing new internet, changing house and car insurance, updating/replanting flowers, putting up a new shower rod… the list is endless and to complete these tasks could make even the saneness person insane.

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Thank God super glue and duct tape were invented. I firmly believe God invented those for us single women and you know what ….. THEY WORK!!!!!!!!!

This refugee was even happier to return to find a vacant unit next door. My male neighbor with domestic violence issues who threatened me on several occasions is gone, and once again I feel safe. The other peeper neighbor remains, however, I keep my drapes closed. Oh the joys of living in Florida and sharing a wall.

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My new grand dog has been named – Rocco – a bit of a laugh for a 3 pound creature. My daughter always the comedian is looking for a gold chain and information on how to teach Rocco Italian, maybe also how to cook eggplant??

So, on to the world and hope this blog has given a bit of a laugh. We all need a reprieve.

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New Family Member

With all the angst in the world decided to share something which will put a smile on all our lips..

This three pounds of joy entered our family at 4 pm Thursday after much search. A pure bred Pomeranian with Missouri lineage, he is resting at present as parents actively search for the appropriate name.

Welcome to my new granddog!

24 hours 600 questions

The confirmation hearing of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is completed. Am hopeful her husband had a bubble bath and martini waiting for her.

It was disgusting what the old, white republicans did to her, and it will be remembered. Remembered by all women, with the exception of senator marcia blackburn. She had the audacity to preface her questioning with accolades about the Judge’s family, then throw daggers. Only consolation, every question she posed reflected back on congressional ineptness, and statements out of context.


The Next Supreme Court Justice

Addendum: Madeline Albright died yesterday at 84. She is quoted as saying, “there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” Guess the senator from Tennessee is destined.

Another Day of Craziness..

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Watched 75% of Ketanj Brown-Jackson’s confirmation hearing yesterday. Unbelievable how stupid some of those senators are. Then when Ketanji explained her decisions were based on what congress had legislated for her decisions a rapid change of subject occurred or storming of the room.

Take a look today at those we put in power and how they conduct themselves.

It’s a wonder anything gets done.

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Reading this book after an intriguing NPR interview with Anita by Terri Gross on Fresh Air. Recalling her treatment by the Senate hearings I cringe as now as Ms. Brown-Jackson is being interrogated currently.

Today Senator Durnbin defended Ms. Brown-Jackson’s record on Senator Hawley claim she was soft on porn crimes. Senator Hawley needs to be censored on this “smear.” Was pleased to see someone come to her defense, perhaps we are seeing a change, and we will be able to believe? Will continue to watch.

Kanye West

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This artist is struggling with mental health issues. Because of his inability to get this under control his wife left him. He now threatens her with non-stop texts, and other means. This has extended to all in her sphere with her current beau in jeopardy.

While having 5 nominations for Grammy Awards West may attend the awards, however, he is not being allowed to perform.

In 2020, it is noted that one in five Americans have a mental illness (52.9 million). A 2016 statistic states 40 million are on psychiatric medication with a 2015 statistic asserting only 57.5% adherent to medication.* This is particularly concerning for those in the path of the mentally ill who may be traumatized or worse by this non-adherence.

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No easy answers here, let’s hope there is good security at the Grammy Awards.

*stats from the internet

Russian War: Let’s Send Ziggy

St. Margaret of Scotland

Watched Margaret Brennan in action earlier today. She went after a Chinese diplomat tooth and nail about making more attempts to call Russia out… While I applaud her attempts it was one of those moments where she could have stopped – as she had him at hello with his comment, “We share a 4000 mile border with Russia.” While not a huge fan of China I can understand their position.

Chinese Soldier in my garden

The US is across the ocean while China is the next door neighbor. And the way this Russian madman is going who is to say he couldn’t change direction, find another 150,000 troops, and cross the Russian-Chinese border?? The world is watching…………………….

Which brings me to Lindsey Graham, another guy who I am not a fan of, nor respect. However, on his point of assassinating this narcissistic demon I believe he is correct. I’m told there are several bounties on the devil’s head, even one on a go fund me page for 50 million.

It’s worth a try by some terrorist, and who knows what’s in the works??

This week on US1 in Florida I was almost run off the road by a guy in a big truck with Ziggy plastered on the back of it. He screamed obscenities at me for the Biden sticker on my car. Maybe we could send him.

You know what they say about guys with big trucks, they have little d–ks.

Let’s send Ziggy, a real test for his masculinity rather than terrorizing a 65 year old woman.

Andy Warhol at Brooklyn Museum

Caught this exhibit as my final event before leaving New York.  This was another facet of this enigma, his Catholic side.  Little insight was gained from the exhibition, however, my wallet was lighter after a 40 plus dollar charge for myself and daughter’s beau.  All that said let’s visit..

Warhol was a homosexual and during his time the Catholic Church did not acknowledge, but rather ignored the issue.  If only they did the same with abortion, I digress…  Raised closely in a healthy relationship with his mother, (his father died prematurely), he attended The Byzantine Catholic Church regularly. 

Warhol and his mother

In the 1950’s Warhol became a successful New York illustrator. His Christmas cards often had religious themes.

Madonna and Child, 1950

Later in 1985, Christian consumerism was seen in his works. Here the Madonna from the Sistine Chapel with a $6.99 price tag.

In Two Heads and Clasped Hands, 1955, a gay man is attempting to understand the Catholic Church’s view of homosexuality.

Warhol also met the Pope during a visit to Italy.

After his near death experience he became more faithful with regular church attendance.  A woman who claimed he stole her screenplay shot Warhol numerous times.  After this incident his life was never the same, and he became more protective of his life and privacy.

Picture of the wounds inflicted on Warhol post shooting- he was required to wear a girdle to keep his organs protected after this incident.

Some works which came from this incident. 

The exhibit also had one of his films, The Chelsea Girls, 1966, playing continuously.  Graphic in nudity, and sex, it portrayed glamourous women of this NYC era.  It was his most commercial success in this genre and there were references to Catholicism, however, those viewing along with me were quite repulsed.  Not a good way to end my New York City adventure.

Some final works from the exhibit.


On the same floor as the Warhol exhibit was Monet to Morisot.  This exhibit was refreshing.  Take a gander.

One final note…  

Donate, pray and do whatever you can for the people of Ukraine.

We are so blessed.

Juilliard School

Received an email from, only to discover the myriad of events available at the Juilliard School. Prices are reasonable and school related programs are often free with the students giving world class performance. The Juilliard box office is open 10-6, and some tickets are available on line. The School and stages are adjacent to Lincoln Center on 65th St.

On this evening for a mere $20., I delighted in a performance by an ensemble of 20 for over 2 hours. The music was Latin/Cuban and amazing! Their guest conductor, Jose Madera, was a man with a lengthy c.v. of jazz related experiences and credentials. If in the area pick up a calendar of events at the school.

The event was also available on line, and information can be obtained on the website.

And who knows who’ll you recognize in later years. When I was doing psychiatric nursing at St. Luke’s Hospital in NYC, a young student named Jon Batiste, and his fellow Juilliard students played for our patients.