Montauk Winter Monday

Went to Montauk before returning to travel nursing. Stopped on the way at Our Lady of the Island. Beautiful place to walk about, contemplate life, and get away from it all..

The shape of Long Island is at Mary’s feet.

Visit the main church for spectacular stained glass then Walk the Avenue of the Saints for Long Island views.

Mary enjoying the scenery.

Continued the 2 1/2 hour journey from Brooklyn with the next pause,

Beautiful state park with camp sites available during the summer, but the best part..

Across the street are hiking trails. Beware of Lyme Ticks in warm season and hunters in the winter.

View from above the trail.

On to the main attraction, The Montauk Lighthouse

Though closed for the winter, much is happening around the area to preserve the habitat.

Walked along the construction site path to find the beach.

The Hoodoos – these magnificent creatures line the beach and are eroding at a rapid pace. The picture below is from the top of the Hoodoo and those following show erosion at beach level.

Explanation of these Sculptures

While there surfers were hitting the waves. Fun to watch.

Next: More Montauk

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