St Joseph Oratory Montreal

The Oratory at Night

What a special place. Let’s take a peek..

The Basilica

The Basilica or ,Upper Church has modern statutes and the Blessed Mother Adoration Chapel behind the altar. Masses occur in both English and French and the information desk staff are helpful with directions and answering questions. A large gift shop is also available, as are machines for snacks near the information desk.

St Joseph Statute in the Crypt Church

The Crypt Church is in the basement of the Oratory.

Near this Church are where confessions occur, candles to St. Joseph can be lit, and St. Andre’s remains are located. The hallway behind the candle area reveals the rock on which the Oratory was built along with a statute of the Blessed Mother.

The Church is currently undergoing a major renovation. This sign explains the pending upgrades.

Parlez-vous francais??

The Pavilion – Stayed at this guest house on the Oratory grounds. Rates are reasonable with breakfast included.

While my prayers didn’t stop Putin’s aggression, Saint Brother Andre’s words give hope..

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